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Phoenix, AZ Irrigation Specialists, TheSprinklerFixer founder, Bill, is proud to serve the Phoenix communities as the go-to irrigation company that can take care of all of your irrigation needs in one stop, in a quick and efficient manner that saves you money. 

Plant & Irrigation System


With over 20 years experience we know the industry and can take care of your problem.  We know that using the best quality products will leave the best quality results.  We will not waste time in getting your issue resolved, because we work efficiently and know how to deal with most any issue.

We are there for you, from the rare deep freeze pipe bursting to the more frequent sprinkler head replacement.  We've got you covered.

Our Goal:

TheSprinklerFixer goal is customer satisfaction. Our business has been built on repeat and referral business.  We know the value of keeping our customers happy and keeping them for the long run.

Lawn Sprinkler Abstract
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